Jak Knowles, MD

Jak Knowles

Jak Knowles, MD, is president, chief executive officer and board member of Affini-T Therapeutics. He has more than a decade of management and entrepreneurial experience in the life science industry. Prior to Affini-T, Jak served as co-founder and chief business officer of Metagenomi.

Kim Nguyen, PhD

Kim Nguyen

Kim Nguyen, PhD, is the chief technical officer of Affini-T Therapeutics. She has over 15 years of experience leading technical development and operations teams in the cell and gene therapy field. Prior to Affini-T, Kim served as vice president of CMC at Precision BioSciences.

Loïc Vincent, PhD

Loic Vincent

Loïc Vincent, PhD, is chief scientific officer at Affini-T Therapeutics. He is an oncology scientist with 20+ years’ international experience in academia/biotech/pharma industry, dedicated to advancing transformative therapies to patients suffering from cancer.

Kathy Yi, MBA

Kathy Yi

Kathy Yi, MBA., is the chief operations officer of Affini-T Therapeutics. She has served as a member of Theseus Pharmaceuticals board of directors since June 2021.